‘Do Not Feed The Trolls’ – The Hopkins Phenomenon

If you haven't heard of self-proclaimed English "free-speaker", inflammatory columnist and television personality Katie Hopkins - then where exactly have you been? After springing to fame as a contestant on the reality TV show "The Apprentice", Hopkins has been hanging around like that sneaky fart that you just can't trace. After gleaning numerous other TV… Continue reading ‘Do Not Feed The Trolls’ – The Hopkins Phenomenon


Selfies: Bad or Brilliant?

Take them or leave them, selfies have come and conquered the social media world. From your very first foray into taking awkward posey snaps in the mirror, to that International Women's Day photograph of Kim K - everyone is talking about them. And everyone has an opinion. Personally, I'm an advocate for selfies. To me,… Continue reading Selfies: Bad or Brilliant?

Dear everyone: we’re not all beauty bloggers

Usually, I'm not irked by much. Today, however, something that would normally be quite insignificant to me happened on Twitter (groan) - and I'm writing a post on it. As you do. So my last post, 'How to be a 'grown-up...' went live two days ago, and as per, I linked it to my Twitter, Tumblr and… Continue reading Dear everyone: we’re not all beauty bloggers

How to be a ‘grown-up…’

I didn't get ID'd for wine the other day. Not a single batted eyelid from the cashier, as he handed me my Argentinian bottle of plonk and chatted to me about Revels (did you know they've been around for 40 years?) Honestly, 16-year old me would be so impressed. Not only do I no longer… Continue reading How to be a ‘grown-up…’

‘I am woman, hear me roar.’ – International Women’s Day

I am surrounded by inspirational women. Coming from a family predominantly ran by a fierce team of kick-arse ladies, I'm honoured and lucky to have been cared for and taught by females who are smart, hard-working and beautiful. People who have faced all manner of trauma, heartbreak and bad-luck, but refuse to mope. Instead, they… Continue reading ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’ – International Women’s Day

Love it, hate it – Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is a 'Marmite' classic. You'll either love it or hate it - and for most A-Level students who studied it, the majority would rather chuck it out the window and move on. Now, I hate Marmite. I detest the stuff, but should you hand me a packet of Twiglets, which is essentially marmite… Continue reading Love it, hate it – Wuthering Heights

The Struggles of a ‘Curvy Girl’

I could wax on and on about the woes of being 'curvy.' Seriously. In a world where I once got stuck by the hips in a National Trust stone passage, (which was far from hilarious at the time) I think I'm more than allowed to have a gripe. If anything, the most irritating thing about… Continue reading The Struggles of a ‘Curvy Girl’

#LetsTalkMentalHealth – My Mind and Me.

My friend, and fellow blogger Beth (over at modedeviebel.blogspot.co.uk) messaged me the other day with an idea. As we've both had a history of mental health issues, she talked to me about the stigmas associated with having an illness, and whether it's a topic I'd be interested speaking out about. With the aim of allowing… Continue reading #LetsTalkMentalHealth – My Mind and Me.

Amsterdam: The City of Canals, Tulips and Hipsters.

The whole idea had started in my kitchen around last April.  Danny (my boyfriend) had said, 'Hey - you like arty stuff, don't you? Like galleries?' 'Yeah...' I'd replied, placing two mugs of tea on the counter. 'I do. What's brought this on?' 'Well. Amsterdam has those things... we should go.' Pause. 'Oh, really?' 'Um... yes. I… Continue reading Amsterdam: The City of Canals, Tulips and Hipsters.

Train Journeys: A Love Affair

I used to absolutely hate travelling on trains...   They would be nothing but a hindrance to my mornings, forcing me to leave the comfy confines of my bed and actually run (which is a stretch for me, as desperate speed-walking is my usual limit) to catch the creaky old thing that would cart me… Continue reading Train Journeys: A Love Affair